1. self portrait trying to throw candles into the air. i feel a feeling lately. im trying to find the origin of it. it’s hard to tell what it is made out of, where it is stemming from, what it needs to become full. sometimes i feel it so much that it’s as if it is leaking out of my pores, almost contaminating where i am standing.

  3. study of delicate parts on the drive home from new york to michigan

  4. found a harvard shirt at the thrift so obvi wrote party in sharpie under it

  5. brothers pt 2


  7. a mostly a capella cover of bob marley - “is this love” + one piano track¬† / first recording made in this new apartment / ( free download here: https://soundcloud.com/jackleendianaeve/a-cover-of-bob-marley-is-this-love )

  9. this little fish fly made me cry as we made eye contact + he didn’t try to fly

  10.  michelle